Social vocabulary – story presentation

Rome, a mesmerising city that has an incredible history. Lucie was walking along one of the many streets when she bumped into Jazia, who introduced Lucie to her husband and kids, who were all visiting the city too. They chatted a little about life after Inlingua and they parted and wished each other well. Stepping into the colosseum, she hadn't noticed that she dropped her mobile phone. Soon after, she got a tap on the should from someone; it was Davide giving her phone back. She thanked him and thought "wow, what are the chances?" They talked a little then she continued her tour. When she entered the Vatican City, she was greeted by a face she recognised, "Pedro!" She shouted in her head. Pedro had decided to move to Rome for the summer and was now working for the pope. Again they caught up and she continued. Whilst in the Vatican she bumped into Andrea and Luiza, she thought this was really strange now… they all promised to keep in touch but this was a surprise. Lucie got back to her hotel that day and began to wonder how small the world can be.

Where did Lucie meet all of her classmates?

Can you find the one phrasal verb and explain what it means?

What does "bumped into" mean?

What did Pedro do when she entered the Vatican City?

Have you ever accidentally met a friend whilst you were abroad?

Have you ever literally "bumped into" someone? What happened after if yes?

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