Future perfect lesson presentation

Stepping into the school on the final day can be a joyful as well as a sad moment. For Davide and Lucie this is their final lesson in this classroom, so the writer had to dedicate it to them. For Davide, by 2.30 he will have been here for 3 months ( I think ) and Christian will have been here for a week. You see, the future is a little different for Davide and Lucie, By next Tuesday, Davide's brother will have arrived and Lucie will have flown back home. For Andrea, Luiza, Pedro and Jazia, they will have had another lesson in here but without their two companions 😦 For Davide, he won't have taken his brother to paceville yet – due to the best time is on a Friday. For Pedro, who knows ? Maybe he will have moved to Rome with the pope or maybe he won't have moved at all by next year. One thing that is for sure is you all will have improved your English by the time you have finished here.

Which tense structure can you see in the article ?

For Davide, what events will happen in the future and at what time ?

And Lucie ?

Which preposition always goes with this tense ?

Can you represent this tense on a time line ?

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