Describing a place – adjectives

Whilst walking around Rio de Janeiro, Eva was surprised to see how breathtaking the city can be. Although she was staying in the touristy area, she was still surprised how open minded the people were and how appealing the city was to her. The grandeur of the Christ the redeemer as well as the alluring beauty of the Copacabana beach was why she came here. She decided to visit this alluring beach and when she arrived she found Pedro and Luiza on the beach, relaxing looking very at ease. As she steadily walked along the beach she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Andrea and Jazia with their families playing beach volleyball, she left Inlingua 2 years ago and was surprised to find everyone here. As she continued along the beach she came across Raul, making cocktails for a few Brazilians. Out of this world, she thought to herself. Outside of the touristy area she visited the run down areas of Rio de Janeiro, the buildings were crumbling and she couldn't believe the remarkable difference. Eva returned to the Czech Republic with fond memories of her trip to Brazil.

How many adjectives can you find ?

Look up and defines any you don't understand to present to your classmates.

Which phrasal verb is used to mean "find"

Can you describe your city using some of the adjectives ?

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