Conversation vocabulary

Rene was walking through the city of Frankfurt on his way to attend a conference. Often at conferences people in engage in small talk in the beginning and then the more they talk the more in depth the conversation becomes. Rene was going to the conference with Pedro and Raul. Pedro argued a point that it would be better to take the bus but Rene wanted to walk and show them the city. So they did. All three of them actively participated in conferences each year and were happy to be at one again. All three work for Coca Cola and recently they had a meeting where Raul chaired the meeting on how to market Coca Cola bottles suggesting a more "Sexy" appeal – he gave a talk to everyone in the meeting and convinced them well. The following day Pedro gave a presentation on how Coca Cola needed a "Sexier" appeal too. Some of them members thought some customers might interpret this in the wrong way. Rene drafted a report on this case and the decision will go to the boss : Luiza.

Why were they all in Frankfurt ?

Why did Pedro argue a point ?

What do they do every year?

What did Raul do during the meeting ?

What did Pedro do the next day ?

What did some of the members think of raul's idea?

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